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The manner by which we desire our students to learn is as important as the matter we require them to study. Our pedagogical approach is likewise classical, taking its primary cues from the Socratic methodology. Our goal is not to teach the students what to think, as what one might find in a typical lecture format, but rather how to think. In order to accomplish this, classes are generally discussion oriented, where probing the questions, critiquing the logic, and assessing the ethical merits of the great works of Western civilization are standard modes of operation.


This methodology is imperative in building the Imago Dei scholastic community. Our fellows lead discussions in class following the assigned readings. Both fellows and students read the same texts and discuss them openly in an intimate, small class setting. In essence, our fellows not only model excellence in scholarship, but also in areas of learning since they are challenged to read and interact with texts and students in spheres outside their field of expertise. Ideally, each class will consist of two faculty tutors: one who has expertise in the subject and texts under investigation, and the other whose expertise lie elsewhere but who must read and grapple with unfamiliar texts; and in so doing, models learnership. 


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