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We are looking for just the right students: those who want to think better, live better and be better!

-Those who submit to the Lordship or Christ in all areas of life, including their academics by taking all thoughts captive to Christ.

Imago Dei

-Those who long to join a tight-knit Christian scholastic community and develop a lifetime of friendships.

-Those who strive to pursue truth, beauty and goodness from a distinctly Christian worldview through classical education.

-Those who want to interact with the literary works of the greatest thinkers and influencers of Western Civilization that they may become critical Christian thinkers and defenders of the Faith.

 -Those who want to begin a lifelong process of spiritual, intellectual, and social development.

-Those who desire to be mentored by great Christian thinkers and participate in mentoring others.-Those who aspire to live life fully and abundantly.

 If this describes you, then apply immediately!

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