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Imago Dei College is an Evangelical Classical Christian Liberal Arts College in the 'Great Books' tradition that is determined to train Christian men and women to lead the Kingdom in all areas of life.

     As an Evangelical Christian college, we select our faculty, staff and student body from those who openly profess the Lordship of Jesus, seek to develop a mature and well-reasoned Christian worldview, agree with the tenants of our Statement of Faith, and who uncompromisingly live out the faith through an expected biblical moral code.

     As a classical college, we believe that the tried and true educational models of the classical, medieval, renaissance, and beyond are paradigmatic. We also affirm that man can know what is good, true and beautiful through a distinctly Christian worldview.

     As a 'Great Books' college, we believe that a true liberal arts education is best achieved by a careful reading and critiquing of the classical great works of Western culture dealing with perennial ideas in an integrated manner conducted in a small community of scholasticism. We identify and define Great Books as an open canon of literary works that have had a great impact upon the intellectual and popular culture of Western civilization.


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