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We believe that even the student’s initial interest in Imago Dei College is already indicative of a good student. Because we

realize that classical Christian liberal arts education is not for everyone, we want to assure as much as possible that

each applicant is well suited for Imago Dei College with regard to: 1) Christian conviction, 2) philosophy of education,

3) academic ability, and 4) campus-life discipline. These qualities are not just for admission, but are indicative of the

character of each student that must continue to grow and mature. The required essays are not only critiqued for content

but also for writing skill and ability, and essentially are at the heart of the admissions process.


1) Imago Dei College as a Christian scholastic community invites only those who desire to join this community by sub-

mitting to the lordship of Christ in all areas of life including their academics. To this end we request from every ap-

plicant a typed 250 (approximately) word essay describing their conversion and commitment to Christ, their ongoing pro-

gress, and their theological beliefs. Furthermore, we take seriously the required pastoral evaluation. Upon admission each

student will be required to hand-write the entire Statement of Faith and sign it. This will be kept in the student’s file.


2) IDC follows the rigors of classical Christian liberal arts education in the ‘Great Books’ tradition. We need to know that

each student is serious about the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness from a distinctly Christian worldview. To ensure

compatibility we request a 250 (approximately) word essay explaining the reasons why the student desires to attend

Imago Dei. This essay should include both how IDC can benefit the student as well as how the student can positively con-

tribute to the Imago Dei scholastic community.


3) We require one letter of reference from any non-relative at the student’s discretion. We are interested in this particular

letter to discover another’s perception of the student without provided guidelines. What this person chooses to say or not

say may prove to be insightful into the student’s strengths and impression on others.


4) In conjunction with the student’s Christian commitment and academic ability, we also stress personal maturity, spiritual

discipline, social skill, good work ethic, a teachable spirit, and a willingness to be mentored and to mentor others. We ask

that the student evaluate him/herself and respond with brief statements to our questions on these matters. These should

be completed on a provided sheet in the application packet. These issues will also be addressed in the letters of reference

and will be considered earnestly. Upon admission each student will be required to hand-write the entire Student Code of

Conduct Pledge of Honor and sign it. This will be kept in the student’s file.

5) All applicants must be on the path to graduate high school, typically with a good GPA. Due to the rigorous nature of

the curriculum, we optimally look for students who meet the prerequisites of high school college preparatory courses

including two years of algebra, one year of geometry, four years of English, and two years of a foreign language. To

verify the high school course of the student, we request transcripts. Although we are far more interested in getting to

know the student rather than pertinent numbers, we will consider SAT/ACT scores in the admission process; as a gen-

eral rule we are looking for a minimal score of 1000 on the SAT and 20 on the ACT. All applications will be assessed on

an individual basis.

These qualities possessed by the student that lead to admission into the College are expected to be maintained and fur-

thered throughout the student’s college-life. If a student falls below the level of initial admission, correctional disciplin-

ary action will follow, whether through mentoring, tutoring, accountability. More serious infractions will be dealt with on

a case by case manner.


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