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Jesus left us with the Great Commission: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...." This is a mandate that we take seriously. The Bible is full of exemplary models of discipleship: Moses mentored Joshua; Elijah mentored Elisha; Jesus mentored his twelve disciples; Paul mentored Timothy and Titus; Peter mentored John Mark; John mentored Polycarp; etc. And so here we stand in line with a rich heritage of effectual disciple-making. We invite you to join us in this indispensable Kingdom activity; be mentored and mentor others.       

As part of the curriculum as well as student life, each student will be mentored according to the biblical commission to train disciples in the principles of a godly life and in the teachings of Christ. Because we view discipleship as a lifelong biblical and spiritual discipline, all students will be mentored as well as mentor others. Such a discipline will hopefully lead to the joy of learning from others as well as leading others in a better understanding and relationship with God. Like the entirety of our curriculum, we firmly believe in the “iron-sharpens-iron” ideology.

Juniors will mentor Freshmen; Seniors will mentor Sophomores. Depending slightly on the number of students in each level, the ratio between mentor and disciple is ideally 1:1. We pray that healthy relationships will be fostered and that the bonds between the two will be enduring and significant.

Male students mentor male students; female students mentor female students. Gender lines will not only be respected but will be explored further in biblical application to our contemporary culture. We adamantly hold to the complementarian view of the gender issue as the faithful biblical position, and our discipleship program strongly reflects this conviction.

The upper classmen of Juniors and Seniors are mentored by staff, faculty and the Deans of Students. Since the number of students will outweigh the number of IDC personnel, the setting will be more akin to small groups.  


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