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From the very outset of Scripture, we clearly understand that God made man in his image, the Imago Dei; but it was man who fell from this grace to a state from which man could not recover on his own. Man needed a savior, and YHWH promised him a plan of salvation through himself in the person of Jesus as savior. Christ’s salvation not only saves us from eternal separation from God, but seeks to restore in his children the image of God lost at the fall. Jesus is the perfection of this image of the invisible God, and it is in his image that we must allow the Holy Spirit to mould in us. It is our philosophy that, as we submit to the work of the Holy Spirit in all areas of life, the image of God in us will become more clear, distinct and defined. Inevitably, we will indeed grow in our maturity and development of the image of God in us to a point where, as a result, we will think better, live better and be better.

We furthermore believe that God has endowed humanity with the ability to know truth, beauty and goodness. It is with this conviction that we seek to educate minds in a thoroughly absorbed Christian and biblical worldview so that we may come to know what God has revealed. In this pursuit and through careful study, we believe that we, as educators and workmen of the Holy Spirit, can develop and sharpen the image of God in our students modeled after the very character of Christ. Whatever we study, we do so by holding it accountable to the standards of biblical principles. We never seek to compartmentalize any subject under investigation as an entity unto itself, but rather to integrate holistically all topics and literatures under the sovereignty of God in order to develop a comprehensive Christian worldview. In short, we strive to learn, as much as humanly possible, what God reveals about the subject. As Augustine has proclaimed, “All truth is God’s truth.”


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