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 Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. I pray that it will clearly communicate the uniqueness of the vision of Imago Dei College, and that you may catch the vision for yourself and others you know. What you have before you is a result of years of thinking, praying and planning. I believe the Lord has given me this vision for Imago Dei College so I boldly and humbly proclaim that it is for the benefit of the Kingdom of God; for we are at a crucial time when we must raise up the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom.

The times in which we live clearly demonstrate that there is a constant and mounting battle between this world and Christ’s ambassadors. Indubitably we must admit that at the front of this battle is the intellectual warfare. Several distinguished Christian apologists have noted that we are currently living in anti-intellectual environs, and, sadly enough, this attitude has infected the Church. The intellectual forces that do exist are equally as hostile to the historic orthodox faith of Christianity. These intellectual and cultural wars make these times critical for Christians, but the season is ripe for Believers to take a stand. We Christ-followers must properly equip ourselves for this warfare with the spiritual and intellectual weapons given to us by God through his words and through his works. May the Church rise to face these challenges, and may Imago Dei College serve its Kingdom purpose by equipping its future leaders.

Even now I can cite several new Christian colleges that have begun within the last two decades, several others that have just begun or are in the process of opening, and still others that are being planned. Imago Dei College has been called to be a part of this exciting new generation of academic institutions raised up by the Lord to prepare His children to represent Him and to defend the faith in all arenas of public life. We seek to develop in our students the best spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical disciplines we have available to give them the tools necessary for success. We seek to inspire our students to flourish as the next generation of Christian ‘Renaissance men and women.’

We make no pretense, however, that what we do is done in a vacuum; rather we boldly proclaim that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. For thousands of years, humanity has grappled with core concepts like truth, beauty and goodness. Our intentions are clear: we must take all thoughts captive for Christ as we develop a mature and sound biblical and Christian worldview. Let the conversation begin!

Aaron Hebbard, Ph.D.

Founder and Fellow, Imago Dei College


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